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Ashy Group is a group of companies operating in multiple fields. The group headquarter, based in Jeddah was established in 2004 with the objective of operating in the Middle East and France. Its interests and investments are spread around the world. Ashy Group has consolidated its position in the labour market and is currently in the process of expanding the scope of work in other areas.


The group of companies in Ashy Group operate in the following fields:


  • Providing Medical services in addition to establishing medical centres, pharmacies and medical companies.

  • Distribution and trade of medical devices and materials.

  • Media including publishing and distribution services.

  • Building and construction materials.

  • Trade of Medical Clothing.

  • Real Estate.

  • Financial investment.


Ashy Group is a leading group of companies in the business community in Saudi Arabia. This position has been achieved by careful strategic planning and diversification of business portfolio. The positive economic conditions and government support in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has helped the group reach its objectives.


The staff at Ashy Group consists of nearly one thousand employees working as a team under the supervision of high-quality and professional management. The fundamental and ambitious values of the group allow the staff to achieve the future objectives.


You will find more about the Ashy Group core activities, expertise, experiences and services through this website. It also states the vision, mission and future goals to be achievedfor shareholders. The business philosophy is based on the principlesof partnership which emphasize on the continuous development of human resources in order to achieve customer satisfaction and business success.

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